Rico J. Reyes investigates numerous aspects of Filipino/American artistic practices and exhibitions, dance, film and video, and history through scholarly research and presentations.

Curatorial Projects

Rico J. Reyes is currently a freelance curator and PhD student at the Center for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London. As a curator, Reyes is invested in creating new knowledge about his communities through the exhibition of visual art. Each piece in an exhibition is datum, imparting a specific set of information. Exhibitions are a site of engagement where the beholders experience new visual information.

Reyes has been curator of numerous exhibitions including: Infix: The Grammar of Insertion at SFMOMA, Artist Gallery; Bag’o/Neo: 21st Century Modernism at Micaela Gallery; From Hedonopolis, To Melancolony: The State of Contemporary Filipino Visual Arts at Thacher Gallery, University of San Francisco; Overmapped: A Cartography of Filipino American Visual Arts, SOMArts Cultural Center, all of which are in San Francisco, and Overmapped – Los Angeles at Remy’s on Temple Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Confrontations Crossings and Convergence: Photographs of the Philippines and the United States, 1898-1998 at the Fowler Museum of Cultural History, UCLA, and his first curatorial project with GAPA, Post Gay/Ante Asian, an online exhibit.

Reyes holds a Master’s of Fine Arts from UCLA with a specialization in New Genres, a Bachelor’s of Arts from UC Berkeley with an Emphasis in Wood Sculpture, and a Certificate in Management from the Eberhardt School of Business, University of the Pacific.  He currently resides and works in Hartford, Connecticut, and London, England.



in front of Sophie Iremonger’s work